Participants of the summer school
Basic activity

Seminar has 5 basic activities:

- organization and care about work of lectures of Macedonian language abroad;

- organization of summer school of Macedonian language and tutorials on Macedonian language, literature history and culture area;

- organization of scientific conference on area of Macedonian language and Macedonian literature;

- our publishing activity for the needs of lectures, summer school and scientific conference;

- organization of preparative courses on Macedonian language for foreign students whо want to study at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University  in Skopje.

Director of International Seminar on Macedonian language, literature and culture:
- Professor Vesna Mojsova - Chepishevska,  Ph.D (e-mail: msmjlk@ukim.edu.mk)

History facts

International Seminar of Macedonian language, literature and culture has been held on 22 of December 1967 year. Until now had taken place 52 summer schools, on which  more than 4000 participants from more than 60 countries have participated among many famous experts on Macedonian language, professors of Macedonian language and literature at foreign universities, Slavic and Balcanic experts, translators, experts in linguistic science an students which study Macedonian language at our lectures and universities abroad. During previous period the Seminar was managed by:

- Aleksandar Spasov (1968-1970)
- Bozidar Vidoevski (1971-1977)
- Tome Sazdov (1978-1983)
- Kiril Koneski (1984-1985)
- Tomislav Todorovski (1986-1989 and 1997-2000)
- Kosta Peev (1990-1993)
- Maksim Karanfilovski (1994-1996, 2001-2005 and 2009-2013)
- Emilija Crvenkovska (2006-2009)
- Slavica Veleva (2013-2019).